Why Theological Horizons Matters | Camille Loomis '13

I am, perhaps, an unusual case for Theological Horizons. I walked through the front doors of the Bonhoeffer House my first year as a UVA student with little exposure to traditional Christianity and no formal religious education. On the other hand, my experience within the welcoming and inclusive spirit of the Bonhoeffer House is precisely what makes the work of Theological Horizons so successful. A newcomer to the faith scene at UVA, I felt cherished, safe, and inspired. The challenge to explore faith has been eagerly accepted by students from all possible backgrounds. The integration and intersection of academic inquiry and faith is a unique and fruitful stage upon which to develop thoughtful friendships!

The work at Theological Horizons is growing broadly and deeply! Vintage lunches have grown to accommodate between 40 and 50 students each week. Evening Prayer and Morning Bible Study continue to grow to include the Charlottesville community, and we estimate about 650 individual students have walked through our doors in the past year alone.

Upon mentioning the Bonhoeffer House to my fellow students, I get one of two responses: “Oh, I love that place,” or “That sounds fascinating! Can I come?” Theological Horizons is recognized here, and expanding every day. We invite you to become part of our family! One way to stay in touch with the work of Theological Horizons is to become a financial supporter. Join our matching gift challenge campaign, or pledge your support for 2016! Help us feed students assembling for Vintage lunches to explore God’s great questions, support us in hosting our annual Capps Lecture, and partner with us to provide ministry! Thank you for your partnership --we are grateful!

Most importantly, we invite you inside! The doors at the Bonhoeffer House are always open.

Camille Loomis, TH Alumnus, Spring 2013 Intern