Great advice for new college students!

Nervous about college? We’re here to help — with insights, advice and practical tips from the alumni who remember college oh so well and can tell you what it’s like. So take a deep breath and soak up the wisdom!

“Be open and patient. Your college experience will be unique and take time to unfold.”

---Emilia Gore, CLAS 2015, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

“Don’t stress about fitting into every social group or finding your life long friends right away. There are so many different communities (clubs, ministries, orgs) to explore - you’ll find your people, trust!”

---Meredith Berger, Batten 2016, McIntire 2017, Account Executive at Bloomberg

“Spend extravagant time with Jesus and fall in love with Him.  It will help you weather any storm that will come your way.”

--Carter Fleck, CLAS 2018, Campus Ministry Intern with Chi Alpha @ UVa

"Sure, you'll have lots of homework and class will be totally different than in high school, but don't worry too much about it.  Spend your first year meeting new people, trying new clubs and activities, and don't be afraid to try something new. But never lose track of who you are and what you believe in - don't compromise yourself just to make new friends. Also (and I can't stress this enough) go to every single sporting event in the fall: you'll thank me when basketball season rolls around and you're sitting courtside. Go Hoos!"

---Hunter Sheldon, Biomedical Engineering 2017, Owner, Hunter and Sarah Photography, Charlottesville

“Have an open mind to what you imagined for yourself in college may not actually be the best thing for you... walk into every new place, conversation, and class asking, ‘Do I see myself here? And guess what: it’s ok if the answer is ‘No.’” 

---Maggie Rossberg, CLAS 2017, Washington, DC

“Struggle, failure, and suffering really are unavoidable, and their presence in our lives don't always have to mean we're doing something wrong per se or even that we're not doing enough. In light of that, it is essential that we see community not always as an opportunity to actively seek to be doing something good for someone else but to anticipate simple mutual sharing in each others' day to day struggles.”

---Cameron Strange, CLAS 2016, with a local church, transitioning to work with an insurance company, Richmond

“Take classes for the professor, not the topic! Don't get caught up in the competitive, status-based rat race. And find people who are critical yet hopeful, who ask questions and are open minded to new ideas.” 

--Megan Helbling, CLAS 2018, New York City

“Don't sign up for too many Clubs, even if they all sound fantastic! You will want to have some free time too. Don't take yourself too seriously, you'll learn more about yourself through these four years than you know! Stay healthy, safe and happy!”

—Nellie Black Brewer, CLAS 2008, Morris, Manning & Martin, Atlanta

Embrace the faithful love of the Lord and release your need to perform. God will provide for your every need and meet you in ways you could never imagine!!

—Sarah Ruckle, CLAS 2019, Portland Fellows Program