1841 University Circle, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Theological Horizons is centered at The Bonhoeffer House—a welcoming home for engaging faith, thought and life. Our mission to support Christians in academia moves from lecture halls and into a living room. Here you will find rich conversations about integrating the practices of theology into everyday life.

Named for German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Bonhoeffer House is an old, inviting house in the University neighborhood and home to the Marsh family. Students, professors, neighbors and visitors gather for conversation, Bible studies, faith and life forums, meals and study.

This has been an absolute haven of peace and spiritual development for me over the past years. Located in the heart of the UVa student community, the Bonhoeffer House constantly provides us with the rare kind of Christian community that is composed of equal parts love and intellect.
— Lansing Lee, UVa, A&S ’09, Law & Business ’14
“Enter bountiful Bonhoeffer House, a home away from home, a home for the deepest questions, a lived out theology within the context of family and strangers, bound by strands of grace.”
— Lane Arnold, parent of a college student