Photo by  Laura Merricks.

Karen Wright Marsh, Executive Director

Karen lives at the Bonhoeffer House in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, Charles Marsh. They are the parents of three children: Henry, Will and Nan. Learn more about her recent book, Vintage Saints & Sinners, here. Email Karen.

Photo by  Laura Merricks.

ChristEN Borgman Yates, Associate Director

Christy graduated from UVa in ‘99 and received her MA in Applied Theology and the Arts from Regent College in Vancouver, BC. She lives just outside Charlottesville with her husband Chris, a writer and philosopher, and their four children. Christy is also an artist: Email Christy.


Beth wright | manager of ministry operations

Beth majored in Political Science at Southern Illinois University and worked in two capitol cities: Springfield, Illinois and Washington, DC. She and Kevin live in Charlottesville and are parents to two grown sons, Pierce and Joe. 

Charles Marsh, Founding Director

Charles is a professor in the Department of Religious Studies and directs the Project on Lived Theology at the University of Virginia. His books include The Beloved Community;The Last Days and God’s Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights. Charles’s most recent book, Strange Glory, is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer published by Knopf.


Mark Byrd | Virginia Beach, Virginia
Frank Cox | Charlottesville, Virginia
Jane Anderson Grizzle | Houston, Texas
Kate Harris | Falls Church, Virginia
Taylor Harris | Charlottesville, Virginia
Betsy Hutson | Washington, DC
Anthony Lazaro | Charlottesville, Virginia
Charles Marsh | Charlottesville, Virginia
Matt McFarland | Charlottesville, Virginia
Leslie Merrick | Dallas, Texas
Steve Scoper | Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bobby Woodard | Virginia Beach, Virginia
Melissa Wright | Atlanta, Georgia 

Board of Directors Emeritus

Bob Morrison
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Elizabeth Nielsen
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Caroline broom, UVA '20 | DEvelopment INTERN

Caroline is from Chesapeake, Virginia and grew up coming to Charlottesville to pick apples and always dreamed of going to school at UVA. She is majoring in Politics but hopes to combine her love of children and passion for education to do nonprofit work once she graduates. Growing up by the beach, she has loved living in the mountains for college and enjoys taking in their natural beauty on hikes. She loves watching movies, eating avocado toast, and making people laugh.  A close friend of hers recommended she check out Vintage when she got to school and the first time she went she met one of her very best friends! 



Caroline Ehler is in her third year studying Computer Science in the Engineering School, with a minor in Design Integration. In her free time, she participates in Society of Women Engineers, Engineering Student Council, and Chi Alpha. She is also a professional makeup artist, event coordinator, and certified scuba diver. She is very excited to serve TH as a Marketing Intern this year.


ELLIE GALE, UVA '20 | vintage INTERN

Ellie hopes to graduate in 2020 with a double major in Global Sustainability and Religious Studies with a concentration in Christianity and a minor in Urban & Environmental Planning, and then do the 10 month Master's program in Commerce. She wants to someday have a business helping people live more sustainably, and possibly intertwine this with missions. She grew up on a horse farm in a small county on the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia. She enjoys hooping - an exercise involving dancing and a hula hoop, mermaiding - swimming with a mermaid shaped diving fin - and artsy activities such as making the jewelry she is wearing in this photo!

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KRISTEN SHIN,UVA '20 | MARKeting & Social media INTERN

Kristen is a 4th year studying Psychology and minoring in Religious Studies. She is from Centreville, Virginia, but has come to know Charlottesville as a true home! She is a self-declared introvert and homebody, but she loves spending intentional quality time with people. Some of her greatest passions (in no particular order) include painting and hand-lettering, reading books, drinking coffee at all hours of the day, Broadway musicals, talking about the enneagram, and dogs with very human names. She also thinks it’s important for you to know that she often dreams in corgis, and she can never say no to a good floral pattern!

Saranell Hartman, Assistant Director Emeritus