Our Mission

Theological Horizons supports Christians and seekers in academia by providing a welcoming community for engaging faith, thought and life.

As you learn about us—our mission, leadership, programs and resources—we hope that you will hear the invitation to partner with us.

Whether you are a student, a professor, a scholar, a clergy or lay person, whether you live in Charlottesville or across the world, please join us in this work to renew Christian scholarship and community and support those seeking to join in.

Our Story


Theological Horizons was established as a not-for-profit ministry in 1990. Karen and Charles Marsh, with their combined ten years of graduate study at Harvard and the University of Virginia, became convinced that both vibrant theological scholarship and authentic Christian community were needed inside the university.

From its beginnings, Theological Horizons developed research and writing grants for students and scholars, Bible studies, lectures and seminars.

In 2000, Theological Horizons established its center at the Bonhoeffer House in Charlottesville, Virginia and Karen became the Executive Director. Charles joined the faculty of the Religious Studies Department at the University of Virginia and established the Project on Lived Theology.

Theological Horizons has expanded its programs to include the prestigious Capps Lectures in Christian Theology, the Louise and Richard Goodwin Writing Prize in Theology and various national and local initiatives supporting Christians and seekers in academia.

“Theological Horizons is making a difference in the lives of students by giving them confidence to think through how to pursue their callings while remaining true to their faith commitments. The world around them tempts them to think that their private spiritual lives need to be kept out of their public academic and social lives. You are helping them to see how the two can, and should, come together.”
— Alan Jacobs, Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Baylor University