GROUND UP: A Guys' Discussion Group

“The relations which exist between man and his Maker, and the duties resulting from those relations, are the most interesting and important to every human being, and the most incumbent on his study.”  Thomas Jefferson, Charlottesville, 1822

Was Jefferson right?  GROUND UP is a discussion group for guys who believe that Mr. Jefferson had a point–that the relationship between Man and God matters deeply.  As a student driven group, we are interested in ethical, academic, theological, personal, devotional, spiritual and/or skeptical questions about God and Man.  In short, everything’s on the table!  And we want to find out what all of this means for us in our world today.

Join us this semester as we consider what Jesus of Nazareth and his followers had to say concerning these massive questions. Facilitated by Steve McNerney (PVCC professor and Chair of the Board at The Haven). 

Contact: Charlie Spivey & Dean Watkins