Photo by Laura Merricks.

Karen Wright Marsh, Executive Director

Karen holds degrees in Philosophy and Linguistics from Wheaton College and the University of Virginia. She has directed Theological Horizons since its founding in 1991. Karen lives at the Bonhoeffer House in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband, Charles Marsh, and their three children, Henry, Will and Nan.

Photo by Laura Merricks.

ChristEN Borgman Yates, Associate Director

Christy returns “home” to Charlottesville with her husband and four children, completing a journey begun when she graduated from the University of Virginia in 1999. Christy has lived from Washington, DC to inner city Boston to Vancouver. She’s studied theology, mentored college students, and developed a community arts initiative. Christy is also an artist: Her husband Chris is a writer and professor of philosophy and aesthetics.


Rhonda Byrd | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Mark Byrd | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Brenda Cox | Charlottesville, Virginia

Frank Cox | Charlottesville, Virginia

Laura Draper | Atlanta, Georgia

Betsy Hutson | Washington, DC

Charles Marsh | Charlottesville, Virginia

Leslie Merrick | Dallas, Texas

Molly McFarland | Dallas, Texas

Robert Morrison | Arlington, Massachusetts

Nancy Scoper | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Steve Scoper | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Maria Tassopoulos | Atlanta, GA


Elena Alba

Rachel Alderfer,UVA '17,  marketing INTERN

Rachel is a 4th Year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying both Psychology and Religious Studies. Rachel is from Arlington, Virginia, and on her drive home from Charlottesville she always makes sure to stop at the Moo Thru. Along with ice-cream, Rachel loves dancing, hiking, and meeting new people! She first got involved with Theological Horizons through the Friday Vintage lunches during her second year.

Micah Iverson

ben noble, UVA '17, social media INTERN

Ben is a 3rd Year undergraduate at the University of Virginia from Newport News, Virginia. He double majors in English and Religious Studies. Ben came into contact with Theological Horizons through Vintage lunches during his first year. Aside from taking pictures, he enjoys reading, exercising, cooking, and hiking. He also dabbles in playing the banjo.

Evan Edwards

Becca pryor, uva '17, development intern

Becca is a 4th year undergraduate student studying Religious Studies and Foreign Affairs.  She grew up in Centreville, VA but has made Charlottesville a second home these past three years.  Becca loves to be outside and would love to one day just live out of her eno hammock.  Whether it be through dancing, running, or talking about anything from cookies to politics, Becca absolutely loves to spend time with others.  Becca first got plugged into Theological Horizons through Vintage Lunch after a pair of awesome upperclassmen delivered cookies to her dorm and invited her to come at the beginning of her first year. 

Charles Marsh, Founding Director

Charles is a professor in the Department of Religious Studies and directs the Project on Lived Theology at the University of Virginia. His books include The Beloved Community;The Last Days and God’s Long Summer: Stories of Faith and Civil Rights. Charles’s most recent book, Strange Glory, is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer published by Knopf.

Saranell Hartman, Assistant Director Emeritus

From 2010 to 2014, Saranell was a guiding pastorel presence at Theological Horizons. Saranell graduated from Wheaton College and Fuller Seminary. She is an ordained Presbyterian minister who, along with her husband, Tim Hartman, started and co-pastored a new faith community in Baltimore before moving to Charlottesville in 2009. Saranell has three children, Simeon, Eliana, and Jeremiah. We bid her a sad but grateful goodbye as she and her family move to Decatur, Georgia.