Lent 2: lessons of the desert

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"I cared for you in the wilderness, in the dry desert where no water was." Hosea 13:5

God chooses to meet us where we are, even in our loneliest places.  Instead of expecting us to find God, God comes to us.  God cares for us in our wilderness, in the dry desert where no water is.  God longs to bring us home to green pastures--rejoicing.

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The lesson of the desert is that we are not in control of everything.
We must first acknowledge our weakness so that we may lean upon the strength of God.  
We must admit our fear so that we may receive the courage of God.
We must declare ourselves lost so that we may take the leading hand of God.
In the desert we discover that it is not God who has abandoned us but we who have abandoned God through our neglect and our way of life.
In the desert we begin to let go of all that is not of God and attach to everything that is.  
We begin to learn that life is really all about loving God with all of our hearts and being open to God's love for us.  What is the desert teaching you?

Be silent.
Be still.
Before your God.
Say nothing.
Ask nothing.
Be silent.
Be still.
Let your God look upon you.
That is all.
God knows.
God understands.
God loves you
With an enormous love,
And only wants
To look upon you
With that love.
Let your God—
Love you.                  {Denise Levertov}