"Beat the Rush" event on January 14

  • Who are my friends?
  • What is important to me?
  • Am I beautiful?
  • Where do I find my identity?
  • How do I deal with disappointment? with judgement?
  • Where is God in all of this?

These questions come forward with particular urgency during sorority rush -- whether you are going Greek or not! -- as the drama in the dorms heats up.

Step into the Bonhoeffer House for an hour with older women who have wisdom to share!

Join us for our annual BEAT THE RUSH tea on Tuesday afternoon, January 14 at 4 pm.

RSVP via facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/599771766761993/

We'll have a panel discussion, including Christian counselor Miska Collier, pastor Saranell Hartman, and several UVa alumni (both Greek and nonGreek) who have experienced all you're going through right now...

The UVa inner loop bus stops close by on Rugby Road. We will also be offering rides, especially for you if you've never been to the Bonhoeffer House.  Want more information or a ride?  Call or text Karen Marsh at 434-466-1342 or email karen@theologicalhorizons.org.

Bring your friends!  All are welcome.

Now you can listen to the 2013 "BEAT THE RUSH" TALK by psychologist Susan Cunningham!  And see photos of last year's event...

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