Hoo’s New at UVa? Move In Day Cookie Delivery

It’s  tough to be the new kid at school, especially when your parents have just driven off in their minivan and left you alone in the enormous new world of college.  (We know, you can hardly wait!) But before you make a thousand new friends, scale new intellectual heights and check out every cool activity that UVa has to offer, YOU NEED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES.

That’s where we come in.  There is a team of current Horizons Hoos ready to come by your dorm room on Move In Day with homemade cookies and a WARM WELCOME—along with directions to the Bonhoeffer House, your most promising source of free lunches and fellowship for the next four years.  Our big Welcome Lunch is on Friday, August 31, by the way, so save that date.

If you are an incoming student—or know of a new student—send us a quick email right now (to info@theologicalhorizons.org) and give us NAME, DORM and ROOM NUMBER…and we’ll deliver those cookies (and enough for your roommate) on Saturday, August 25.  We cannot wait to meet you!