Tuesday Mornings On The Lawn_CJ Green

SONY DSC Tuesday mornings, sleepy eyes, hungry tummy. I head to the Lawn. The leaves are changing and the air is just cold enough to remind me that I am not eternal—followed quickly by the Discipleship Intensive to remind me that I am.

Theological Horizons’ Men’s Discipleship Intensive provides, on the surface, a safe environment for guys of all backgrounds to come, commune over bagels and orange juice (thank you Karen), and study the matrix of Christianity in Mr. Jefferson’s own Academical Village. The location becomes significant because so many of us arrived on these Grounds with an idol for academia; all our lives we’ve been the smart ones, the intellectuals. Conceptions of the mind’s power have been engrained in the very fabric of who we are—until, against Jefferson’s extra-rational will, we encounter God who has the hutzpah to rip down our pyramids of scholastic pride and remind us of our insufficiency in light of his glory and grace.

Enter Theological Horizons, particularly the Men’s Discipleship Intensive, where we find that God wants us to love him with all our heart, soul and mind (J.C.). Here, I can raise the most wild and heretical questions and, under Charlie Cotherman’s unwavering guidance, see what Scripture has to say. Charlie balances our off-the-wall proposals with Spirit-led discernment, while maintaining a free-flowing open-forum feel. This semester already we’ve delved into what it means to be a disciple, to make disciples, and to maintain a long obedience in the same direction. I recently derailed the curriculum and asked for an in-depth study of transformation—born again-ness. Charlie, with supernatural grace, responded by leading us through the life of Peter in the Gospels, Acts, and Galatians. Charlie encourages question-asking, giving us the opportunity to each pose a topic for the coming Tuesday. And all the while we grow deeper in our understanding of God’s design and our ability to actually get excited about it.


IMG_2433-200x300CJ Green is a 4th year studying English at the University of Virginia. He hopes to pursue a writer's lifestyle. He enjoys most postmodern art and has the privilege of dating Horizons sweetheart, Maddy Partridge.