Vintage 2014: What's Your God Language?

salutations_scallop_you_re_invited Vintage is back, friends! As a new Spring semester greets us again, students were happy to reconvene at the Bonhoeffer House last Friday to discuss the ways in which we talk about God. We began with an invitation from American philosopher Dallas Willard:

"We have received an invitation. We are invited to make a pilgrimage--into the heart and life of God. The invitation has long been on public record. You can hardly look anywhere across the human scene and not encounter it... God's desire for us is that we should live in Him... in the deepest nature and meaning our universe is a community of boundless and totally competent love."

On Friday we attempted to recognize and grapple with the magnitude of this invitation so that, in the coming weeks, we can fully understand the ways in which we uniquely respond to it.  Our response is driven by a search for who we are, but if we accept God's invitation to commune with Him, we can gracefully accept that who we are "is embedded in the heart of a holy God" (Calvin Miller).

Theological Horizons is excited to be a part of a semester aimed at individual growth through spiritual identity.

"To covet God's holiness is a righteous hunger. To lust for godliness is a glorious passion... Yet by what path can we arrive at such a center for our souls? How can I tell you? How shall I define it? Holy inwardness defies the laws of space and time. It fills us with a life too great to be our own. When he fills us, what we contain is ore than who we are. The indwelling Christ moves into us with a love beyond dimension; for all his vastness, God chooses to make his throne inside our fleshly frame. He pours his cosmic size into the thimblelike containers of our souls." - Calvin Miller (A Hunger for the Holy)