Announcing the 2015 Goodwin Prizes for Excellence in Theological Writing

The board of directors of Theological Horizons is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Richard & Louise Goodwin Prizes.  Awards are given to graduate students whose essays demonstrate creative theological thinking, excellence in scholarship, faithful witness to the Christian tradition, and engagement with the community of faith.

 The $2,500 prize has been awarded to Jaesung Ryu of Emory University for his essay, “Trauma and a Theology of Holy Saturday: Remembering and Mourning with WWII Comfort Women.”

 The $1,000 prize has been awarded to Nathan Walton of the University of Virginia for his essay, “Freedom From or Freedom For?: The Prosperity Gospel, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Social Responsibility.” 

 Brad East of Yale University has been awarded $500 for his essay, “Patiently Awaiting the Death and Resurrection of the Universe: Eschatological Memory and Ecological Ethics.”  

 Honorable mention awards of $250 go to Lisa Hickman (Duquesne University) for “Before Our Bodies Glittered: Beyond Ontological Difference in Disability and Theology,” and David Berka (Duke Divinity School) for “Home of the Dispossessed: Augustine, Wittgenstein, and Truth Telling as Confessional Grammar.”

 Abstracts of the winning essays and interview with the writers will be posted at soon. We are deeply encouraged to see young scholars of such promise and commitment and weoffer our warm congratulations to all how participated in this year’s competition.