2016 Goodwin Prize Winners Announced!

Announcing the 2016 Richard & Louise Goodwin Prizes for Excellence in Theological Writing

The board of directors of Theological Horizons is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Goodwin Prizes.  Awards are given to graduate students whose essays demonstrate creative theological thinking, excellence in scholarship, faithful witness to the Christian tradition, and engagement with the community of faith.

  • The $2,500 prize has been awarded to Stephen D. Lawson of Saint Louis University for his essay, “Only Through Time/Time is Conquered: A Theological Reflection.”
  • The $1,000 prize has been awarded to Nadia Marais of the Stellenbosch University for her essay, “Lovelyn, Belhar, and Mary: Exploring the rhetoric of confession as resistance to injustice.”
  • Brittany Fiscus of Columbia Theological Seminary has been awarded $500 for her essay, “The ‘Sum of the Gospel’ as Good News on the Streets.”

Abstracts of the winning essays and interviews with the writers will be posted at www.theologicalhorizons.org by October 15. We are deeply encouraged to see young scholars of such promise and commitment and we offer our warm congratulations to all who participated in this year’s competition.

Karen Wright Marsh
Executive Director, Theological Horizons