Women, Work and the Myth of Balance | Some resources

Our 12 Horizons Fellows meet monthly to mull over a couple articles around the themes of faith & calling. We recently discussed the idea of calling itself and especially how women have a complex relationship with calling and careers.  Here were our readings:


Jon Malesic – Don’t Search for Purpose, You Will Fail

Kate Harris – Constraint and Consent

And here are some questions to ruminate on further:

1) What would it be like (if I'm a guy) or how do I think about this idea as a woman of having to choose between motherhood and a career? What has my church or family or current context taught me to think about this?

2) How can we promote more equity in work and caregiving (which shouldn't be seen as second tier for either men or women) for women of all races and classes in our communities and country? 

Anne-Marie Slaughter has loads of fascinating articles on The Atlantic website. Here are some if you want to dig in a little deeper:

Why Women Still Can't Have it All - one of the most read Atlantic articles in history that inspired Kate Harris to write her above critique.

The Having it All Debate convinced me to stop using the term Having it All

The Failure of the Phrase: Work-Life Balance