25 Free Small Group Studies: Readings and Leader Guides!

Vintage+Sessions+for+small+groups-1 graphic.png

The Vintage Sessions—Karen Marsh’s free small group guides and readings are complete! Karen has been working on these 25 sessions for a long time…and now they’re here: printable PDFs, handouts of readings from the 25 sinner-saints in Vintage Saints and Sinners: 25 Christians Who Transformed My Faith (InterVarsity Press, 2017). plus a complete companion leader guide for each session. No preparation needed at all. Print and go! And experience the fun of your own Vintage conversation. (Provide your own lunch!)

And whether you’re in a small group or going through the sessions on your own, Theological Horizons executive director and author Karen Wright Marsh would love to hear from you. Email her at karen@theologicalhorizons.org