Welcome Beth Wright, new Manager of Ministry Operations!

We are so thrilled to welcome Beth Wright, our new Manager of Ministry Operations!

Here's a little more about Beth:

 1) Tell us a little about your story. How did you end up in Charlottesville? Where else have you lived and worked?

My husband and I both grew up in rural communities and had always considered moving back to a small town at some point. Having spent most of our adult lives in the Washington, DC area, however, we had become accustomed to many of the amenities that urban living provides.  When our nest started emptying, we began to explore other locations that might be a good combination of urban and rural living.  Ultimately we decided that Charlottesville would be a great home base for us and our two sons, who are in graduate school.   

2) What drew you to work with Theological Horizons? What are you excited about?

Actually, I had not heard of Theological Horizons even though I was working down the street from the Bonhoeffer House until one of my friends mentioned that there was an opening for a Manager of Ministry Operations. Once I started researching TH, I immediately was drawn to its mission and after meeting with Christy, Karen, and board member Anthony, I got very excited at the prospect of working here and sensed that this might be a perfect fit for me. I truly feel that I can make a positive impact here with my professional skills and personality - and enjoy the process!   

3) What else are you up to these days?

Golf!  We just started golf lessons, and I have to be honest, so far I’m finding it a bit frustrating…yet somewhat addictive! I’m also preparing for a mission trip to Haiti with my church and trying to learn Creole - or at least a few phrases. Generally, I spend a lot of my free time traveling, reading, hiking and watching every BBC murder mystery I can!    

4) A lot of our work is wrestling with big questions about faith and what it means to be human with students and the community. What's a big question you wonder about? 

A close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness so I am again wrestling with the old, familiar question of "why do bad things happen to good people?”  I have about decided that the big questions never really get answered completely - at least to my satisfaction - but it’s important to keep pondering and praying.  We really do see through a glass dimly and I struggle to be comfortable with having questions with my level of understanding feeling limited.

Thanks, Beth! Feel free to welcome her or reach out with any questions - beth@theologicalhorizons.org