September Prayers - The call to lament

The beginning of the year for us always falls at the end of August. There is so much freshness and excitment. It's easy to gloss over the real wounds and pain we carry,  individually and collectively, as we eagerly march forward with new backpacks and sharpened pencils. 

And so, during our Perkins Fellows Plunge this past week, we began with lamenting the pain of August 11/12 and our ongoing divisions. We watched a powerful documentary about our city and then we stood together and recited a Liturgy for those who weep without knowing why.

And finally, we went out to visit with the courageous non-profits around Charlottesville that work daily to bridge the divisions between black and white, richer and poorer, between those with access to fresh food and those without, between those with citizenship and those without, and between God and each person.

Please join us in lamenting...and moving forward with renewed focus and hope.


Over 100 students came to our Wahoo Welcome Lunch!

Our 10 Perkins Fellows (6 new!) and their 7 community partners.

Back to school mercies.

Summer rhythms and gatherings with friends and family.