Matching Gift Campaign 2019

Batman and Robin.  Lucy and Ethel.  Holmes and Watson.  Calvin and Hobbes.  Dynamic Duos pack more energy and action together than as two individuals apart.  (Imagine Ben’s ice cream without Jerry? Ernie without his roommate Bert?) 

Throughout Scripture, God creates duos for great purposes.  God ordains Eve and Adam to begin the human family.   God works through Naomi and Ruth, David and Jonathan, Mary and Joseph to demonstrate the life-giving power of loyalty, friendship and care.

Dynamic Duos enliven the ministry of Theological Horizons.  Mark, a Mentor, accompanies Rambert, a Horizons Fellow, through epic life decisions.  Ginger and Karen co-lead a Spirit-focused small group. In the office, the team of Beth and Christy do wonders. Interns in aprons, Maddie and Ben, team up to cook delectable Vintage Lunches—while Ellie and Caroline greet newcomers at the door.

Now YOU can join a Dynamic Duo! Donate to Theological Horizons and every single dollar you give will be matched by another generous superhero.  In fact, challenge givers have pledged $50,000 to double all contributions made through May 31. 

Remember: there’s no Dynamic without the DUO.  We need you with us at the intersection of faith, thought and life.

Join forces with other friends of Theological Horizons to be Christ’s witnesses among both believers and seekers.  Thank you!

Karen Marsh, Executive Director, and Mark Byrd, Fundraising Chair