Along the Arabian Peninsula: Oman, Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations

Catholic theologian Hans Kung has said: “There will be no peace among nations without peace among religions.”As Christians in America we live at a very pressing intersection: How are we to relate well with our Muslim neighbors here and around the world? The roads of global urgencies in Egypt, Nigeria, and elsewhere often meet the path of great ignorance about Islam on the American street and in the American pew. All the while the trail of growing fears has a strong grip on many of us. Today's Vintage focused on these questions and issues. We had the privilege of hearing from a special guest, Nathan Elmore. Nathan is the Baptist collegiate minister at Virginia Commonwealth University and serves Peace Catalyst International, an evangelical peacemaking organization which concentrates on Christian-Muslim relations. He is pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Global Christianity through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

In January, 2012, Nathan F. Elmore traveled to Oman for a graduate seminar on Christian-Muslim relations in Arabia. Today, Nathan shared pictures and stories from this recent trip, focusing on four stories. Each story provided a peculiar window into the larger narrative of Christian-Muslim relations:

  • Iowa, frankincense, and the man from Salalah.
  • What St. Thomas has to do with Muhammad.
  • The redemption of Sharia will not be televised.
  • Proximity and distance in the house of a sheikh.
After the talk, students had the opportunity of asking Nathan their own questions, such as how we can engage in the Muslim community here on grounds. A special thanks to Nathan for visiting and sharing with us today!