Bonhoeffer Lecture by Charles Marsh

In his lecture, “Who is Christ for Us Today?: The Fierce Urgency of Bonhoeffer's Final Questions," Charles Marsh tells five stories of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life. The ‘first act’ tells of Bonhoeffer’s  experiences as the child of a close-knit German family, then follows him to Rome, where the young Lutheran encounters the mysteries of the Roman church. The third act recounts Bonhoeffer’s transformative year in the strange world of New York City.  Back in Germany, Bonhoeffer pursues a ‘new monasticsm’ in Finkenwalde, a Christian community living out resistance to Hitler.  The final ‘act’ of Charles Marsh’s lecture recounts Bonhoeffer’s final days in a Gestapo prison, suffering at the hands of the Nazis but alive to God’s grace and presence.  By telling compelling stories of Bonhoeffer’s personal and spiritual formation, Marsh illuminates Bonhoeffer’s witness in a fresh, new way. Click on the link below to watch the full 1.5 hour long lecture!!/v/1291