A Horizons Fellow's Thoughts on Fourth Year

  So you’re telling me I have to be a real person soon? Your fourth year at U.Va. is the last opportunity you have to cherish such a tight-knit, interwoven college community before being thrown into the real world.  For more reasons than one, it’s an awesome and exciting time.  But now since I’ve been put a position of a mentor and, obligatorily, a student for first year students to look up to, I’m starting to feel like this next step, this transition into a career – maybe just a gap year, or maybe even a ski bum year – lacks experienced guidance and a mentor that’s been through it all.  And that’s when the Theological Horizons Fellows program fell into my lap.  All it took was a dear friend to nudge me into applying, through forwarding the application request email.

I’m excited to live this year alongside a Christian mentor that’s put the foundation of his career on glorifying the kingdom of God. One beautiful thing about this program is how realistic the Theological Horizons staff are with the time of us fellows. We’re all excited for the investment of the mentor relationship to come, but are enthusiastic, invested fourth year students. Because of this inevitable fact, the fellows, along with Theological Horizons staff, have agreed upon a very manageable schedule for the year ahead.

It’s my hope that our relationship throughout the year will help propel me into the next step, but also equip me to enter this real world with my head on straight, a desire to make His name known through my working and future personal relationships, and perhaps even give me the wisdom to learn from others’ mistakes.

Wahoowa, Cam

Cameron Elward, UVa 2014