Personal Finance Made Simple - A Flash Seminar With Karen Bonding, CFA Before you Graduate!

Get the basics of personal finance in this one hour flash seminar with UVA Commerce School professor Karin Bonding. Most people shy away from financial literacy, but it is not nearly as complicated as you think!

Karin Bonding formerly taught finance in UVa's McIntire School of Commerce. Ms. Bonding has worked as an investment professional in the areas of investment consulting, investment analysis, portfolio management, large pension funds, and marketing of investment services. She has organized investment conferences, developed short and long courses for novices and industry professionals, and conducted investment workshops at a variety of corporations. She was a Visiting Professor at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, China. She now focuses mainly on personal finance areas such as planning and advisory work and serves on the boards of directors of The Endowment Fund, Salient Alternative Strategies Fund, and other Salient Partners closed-end and open-end mutual funds.

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