Being a Fellow: Going Backstage and Meeting the Band - Kaylee Lucas

vintagephoto It’s pretty undeniable—the Bonhoeffer House is a cool place to be around. Throughout the end of my undergrad career, I fell in love with the way that Theological Horizons bridges the gap between the academy and faith communities that surround the University. I was looking for a place that I could come to with my faith tradition and ask questions and be skeptical. The Bonhoeffer House became that sacred space for me.

I knew I wanted to become a Fellow, so that I could go backstage and meet the band of the faithful who helped shape the Bonhoeffer House community. As a Fellow, I’ve had the opportunity to be paired with a mentor, develop friendships with other Fellows, and see what goes on behind-the-scenes (because despite how compelling the theory of spontaneous generation is, the snacks don’t just magically appear!)

First, I was paired with a mentor. Enter the lovely Kendall Cox: feminist theologian, university adjunct, and New City Arts artist! Kendall and I have shared incredible afternoons sipping Matcha tea (think antioxidants + fighting cancer + boosting metabolism all in one tasty cup!) and discussing the empowerment of marginalized groups like women in the church. I’m really thankful for the way that I was paired with a mentor who wrestles with the same types of questions as me.

I’ve also gotten to join in dinner discussions with all the Fellows. Once a month we meet up, share a meal, and discuss Scripture together. It’s a great experience because we represent many different fellowships around Grounds. Throughout the year, we’ve gotten closer and formed friendships. We’ve come together to celebrate and pray for one another in big life endeavors, ranging from marathons to mission trips in North Korea. We’re definitely an ambitious bunch.

Finally, being a Fellow has enabled me to participate in the behind-the-scenes operations of the Bonhoeffer House. I literally met the band! In the fall, the Bonhoeffer House hosted a house concert with Lowland Hum, artists-in-residence in Charlottesville. I helped set up chairs and got to talk to singer-songwriters Lauren and Daniel about their vocation.

All in all, being a Fellow has given me the opportunity to fully become part of a community that thinks, prays, and serves together. It’s been a wonderful year!

76497_4047136171359_1449665559_nKaylee Lucas is an M.S. Commerce student from Richmond, VA. She studied Religious Studies in my undergraduate career at UVA and spent a lot of time at the Bonhoeffer House. Last summer, she traveled to Kenya and worked at a microfinance loan hub.  Kaylee hopes to integrate a concern for human flourishing with her practical business skills from the Comm school.