The Bonhoeffer House does Lent -- a checkup

"Whoever wishes to be my follower must deny his very self, take up his cross each day, and follow in my steps." -- Luke 9:23 We have about three weeks left of the Lenten Season, and the Bonhoeffer House is continuing to remind us of the importance of the 40 day commitment (or the 46 days commitment for those of you that are hardcore and don't take Sundays off) through Vintage lunches and e-devotionals.

I know that I sometimes forget that the purpose of Lent is to deny ourselves an earthly temptation so that we can more clearly reflect and focus on the meaning of Jesus' life in the weeks prior to Easter. My giving up something feels quite trivial in many instances, especially when I fail to remember the reason for which I am giving it up (this year I am trying to give up complaining... this paragraph doesn't count as complaining, right?).

But today in Vintage we're going to discuss the intellectual God language: those who commune with God through study of doctrine and philosophy and love God with their mind. I think this will be particularly relevant to our ongoing conversation on Lent in that both practices harness the power of the mind to love God and overcome temptation. I hope today's lunch will help me to remember that there are important and real reasons why the practice of self-denial exists this month. Namely, so that our minds are clear and our intellect is unclouded in order to increasingly love God and understand Jesus.

Happy Friday, friends!

-Rhody Mastin, UVA 2015

Theological Horizons Communications Intern