Where do we go from here? Race & Mutuality in the Wake of Ferguson

Thursday, January 29th, 7:30pm | Common Grounds | 480 Rugby Road


In an effort to look with honesty at race relations within our University and surrounding community, we’ve asked a diverse panel to consider: 1)What is our responsibility toward one another in the wake of Ferguson events? 2) How might that look practically in the context of Charlottesville and at UVa?

The panelists include:

• Ms. Aryn Frazier, UVa student, Jefferson Scholar, Political Action Chair of the Black Student Alliance

• Dr. Patrice Grimes, Associate Dean, Office of African-American Affairs

• Dr. John Inazu, Associate Professor of Law & Political Science, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

• Chief Tim Longo, Charlottesville Police Department

• Ms. Tracy Howe Wispelwey, Director of University Ministries, Westminster Presbyterian Church

With Dr. Maurice Apprey, Dean, Office of African-American Affairs, UVa as Moderator

Common Grounds is the white house on the corner of Rugby Rd. and Gordon Ave. Free parking available at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Gordon Ave. and the UVA Culbreth Theater.